Milk-V 的新年礼 New Year's Gift from Milk-V!

我在发烧友论坛中发布了三篇关于MilkV-duo的试用说明,希望能获得一块新年 Milk-V Duo 256M (Dragon)

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ESP32-C3入门分享 & 配合ROS使用
ESP32-S3 CircuitPython开发 & 数据记录仪
龙年开发板真的太喜庆了 :laughing:想要 :grinning:

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Hi! I submitted my form a while ago, but I haven’t received any sort of communication back. Just wanted to check in and see if you guys got it, thanks!

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Just noticed these aren’t actually Limited Edition (you can buy them online, so no need to send me one) - it’s not special, so not particularly interested. Thank you though

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Doesn’t look like they’re doing them any more - I submitted a day after the post went out, but nothing. You can buy them online now anyway: Arace Tech

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Ah, I see. It is a bit frustrating to be let down just because I was a day late though, despite the fact I was literally mentioned on the post.

Yuup seconded - mentioned twice myself haha. But so be it

I was about to order one, but I stopped at checkout because the shipping fee from Arace Tech to Thailand is surprisingly high.

【Linux】Milk-V Duo开发环境搭建(Ubuntu20.04)


Hi @boba Same here. Any news?

The Dragon Edition are all gone and will not be manufactured any more. Let’s wait for the next year event.

I was going to order one but I couldn’t really justify the shipping cost for a single souvenir duo, wish they were available for a bit longer (and order in larger quantities).

Beautiful board though, any chance of being able to get duo 256M in colors other than pink in the future?
The red board would have really complimented the look of a project I’m working on.

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Same here, the shipping cost even higher than the board itself.

Hi, i filled out the form on the day i got the email any updates if it was sent out?

same here, no confirmation, nothing

They ended quite a while ago, I’m still kinda salty about it. I feel like they should’ve kept it open for just the people they tagged in the post for a week or so and then made it available on their shop. The lack of communication on WeiMouMou’s part is also rather annoying…

C’est la vie I suppose.

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