A visit to arace.tech today

Went by arace.tech to see if mars boards were in stock and what did I see?
Limited edition red dragon DUOs!
I ordered my mine already…your turn, go!

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Thank you for this, just ordered DUO’s last week, still waiting for the gift as my name is on the list, but ordered some Red Dragons also

On today’s visit to arace.tech…
I learned that 1 of my 2 orders has shipped!
Looks like the MARS board and Red Dragon Duo both shipped!
Also see the OASIS coupon is back or I missed it last time.
Maybe I need another one of those!

On today’s episode of SOAP…

I learned that my Duo S and accessories has shipped and I hope your is on its way as well.

Was hoping for more Mars boards but only the CM module 2GB variant is in stock.
If some can post a link to a carrier board what will work for the CM module that would awesome.

*goes and actually read the website+ Looks like the standard Compute Module 4 IO Board works.
Does anyone have one of these working and can post any hints/tips/gotchas?

Forgot to order the coupon ARG!
Hopefully the Meles board will come in April and coupons will still available.

Went back to arace.tech again today. Still sold out of mars boards. There is now a tab for the MELES board! Currently goes to a 404 page but better than nothing, right?!?

Soon! (r) (c) ™

Today arace.tech visited me!
The DUO S has arrived!
Thr adventure continues…

And I got a spiffy milk-v coffee mug to serve as a place holder till the OASIS boards ship I guess since there was no form of coupon, pre order ticket, etc in the box.