Adding a USB interface without the IO board

I may be missing some steps here, but I was looking at adding a 2nd USB port, this is possible with PIO on the Pico, the MilkV-Duo256m looks to be pin-compatible and I was hoping to wire up like so:

  • VCC to V_BUS
  • GND to GND
  • D+ to GP0
  • D- to GP1

But when plugging anything in, the board freezes and so I get no input/usb registers

Any suggestions?

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The Milk-V does not have the same peripherals as the Raspberry Pi Pico and you can’t add a second USB port just by hooking a connector to the pins. The I/O board works because it has a USB hub chip to split the single USB port out to several more.

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Yeah, PIO is a feature of RP2 state machines, they are quite something and can literally drive pins on their own frequency following their tiny yet powerful programs, and implementing additional peripherals.

These chips never had PIO.