Any beginner's guide for programming on Duo?

I just got my Milk-V Duo from the internet a few days ago. I’ve upload its image file, and SSH into it. Still I can’t use any commands to install packages. (I want to use Python or MicroPython to do some prototypes for teaching students in my school club) What should I do on this, and is there any beginner’s guide on how to program on this board?

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If you can already connect to Duo via SSH, you can refer to the examples in this repository to write your own application:

After compiling it, you can transfer it to Duo via SSH and run it.
The examples in this repository is currently limited, but more will be added and improved in the future."

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如果能找到芯片的用户手册请麻烦踹我一下谢谢 :money_mouth_face:

As the time of writing, you can only get a NDA datasheet from the following link:


We are trying to persuade Sophgo to make it NDA free, but that’s the best what we can do now.

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