Arduino IDE 2.3.2 doesn't see com port

I’ve followed all the instructions to set up my Duo and I can log in to root@ just fine via putty (I’m on Win10). But, for the life of me I can’t get the Arduino IDE to see a serial port other than COM1 and COM8. I’ve added the .JSON file in the preferences and installed the SG200X library from the Board Manager.

I see my USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget in my Device Manager (and obviously it’s working because I can log in to the board).

Under Ports I see:

Communications Port (COM1)
Intel(R) Active Management Technology - SOL (COM8)

If I try either of these ports with the Duo Dev Module selected for the board - I get connect failed … when I try to upload the Blink example.

Any ideas? Can I take the .elf file and drop it somewhere (in a particular directory on the linux side - or on the SD card) to make this work?

Do I need to use USB to TTL serial cable to see new COM port?

I’m sure the default Milk-V Duo firmware doesn’t expose any serial console via USB.

You will certainly need a USB-to-TTL converter.

About connecting USB-to-TTL interface you can read here.

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