Audio pad on milkv-duo board - CV1800B

Hello, thank’s for the very good documentation around the CV1800B and milk-v board.

I’m struggeling into getting the audio out connection,
from documentation there is a PAD_AUD_AOUTR but i can’t find any information on where the pad is placed and the output signal

any help or pointer welcome

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Thank you for your attention.

The PAD_AUD_AOUTR pin is used as the control pin for the blue LED on Duo, so there is no audio output functionality in the definition of Duo.

Hi, it’s seems that I2S2 can be used to add max98357a and speaker.
I am still testing.

  1. Machine driver
  2. Dtsi config
  3. Pin config

Also, mic may be used by PAD_AUD_AINL_MIC.

Hi, I want to know how to hse I2S on Milk-v Duo, can you help me?

Hi, I am still testing.
Adding machine driver is ok.
But the sound card still hasn’t come up.

Recently, I will create a post documenting the use of i2s.
You can follow it in the future.

Two posts have been updated, one specifically introducing i2s2 and the other explaining how to add codec drivers.

【i2s】Milk-V Duo添加speaker——i2s2 - Duo - MilkV Community

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