Bare metal blinker

Hi all. I am trying to run a very simple blinker from scratch (using a custom bootloader on SDCard instead of uboot). I readed in the datasheet about “GPIO_SWPORTA_DR” that “Values written to this register are
output on the I/O signals for Port A if the corresponding data direction bits for Port A are set to Output mode and the corresponding control bit for Port A is set to Software mode. The value read back is equal to the last value written to this register.”

What means that “software mode”? I cannot found any other reference to that “software mode” related to GPIO in the datasheet? Any idea.


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Hi @avelino here’s a link to the complete code you need using C.

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You mean, «software mode» is like software-defined (GPIO) function, opposed to being a member of some hardware peripheral function?

Software mode is not defined in the datasheet. However, when used it refers to registers typically changed directly by software, so I think your description is good.

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