Boot into CheriBSD-possible?

Hello milkv community

The idea of making a risc-v desktop was revolutionary. Iam talking about milk-v pioneer and the endless possibilities to experiment. As a freebsd fanboy i came across this distribution CheriBSD and i was wondering if anybody manage to boot or experiment with it, as it looks a fully capable wayland+KDE enviroment… Thank you

The answer is no, cheri is a hardware architecture extension, extra bits for access management.
Harvard just released their cheri risc-v document last year, so nobody implemented any cheri in RISC-V except for maybe in an FPGA to test

As bruce_loco said, it is not possible because the pioneer’s sg2042 does not implement the cheri extensions. Codasip is the only one currently providing a commercially available implementation RISC-V CHERI security - Codasip but that’s not for end-users.

Even if you could get it, I doubt it would run CheriBSD, let alone a desktop environment on top. RiscV+CHERI chips will not be suitable for desktops for at least a couple of years. I would first expect custom designs to be used in IoT, automotive, and the likes. Probably also not with CheriBSD but something like CheriFreeRTOS. Then maybe servers based on CheriBSD, which could also run desktop environments.

Which document are you referring to?

Capability Hardware
Enhanced RISC Instructions:
CHERI Instruction-Set Architecture
(Version 9)