Deploying a WebAssembly Runtime Environment and UDP Blinking Light Example on Duo

WebAssembly, also known as wasm, is a technology that emerged in 2015, created by web frontend developers. In the world of the web, HTML and JavaScript were originally the dominant interpreted languages, making it easy to create interactive web applications with just a few lines of code. However, some web frontend developers insisted on complicating things by introducing extensive toolkits that required downloading gigabytes of data. As web applications grew larger, performance became a concern. The solution? Keep pushing forward and, after compiling, run in a web environment. This led to the creation of WebAssembly. Not content with just compiling JavaScript, developers continued to push the envelope by compiling code from languages like C, C++, Python, Rust, and even running them in web environments, including bringing OpenCV into the mix with OpenCV.js.

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