Disassembling the compiled C code into RISCV instructions

hi :wave:
so I’ve been using milkv duo for a while. One of the reasons I actually went for this board was the fact that it was based on RISCV and as I’m trying to learn the instructions and datapath I was hoping if I could disassemble the compiled c code into riscv instructions. I searched a lot but I couldn’t find any syntax that actually works. Can u guys help me out?

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Have you tried something like the following ?

$ cat hello.c 
#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, const char * argv[]) {	
   printf("Hello, World!\n");
   return 0;
$ gcc -S hello.c
$ cat hello.s

Or do you want to disassemble other peoples code from binaries ?
Because disassembly of binaries is far more difficult. My go to was objdump and is now Ghidra, but I know other people who use radare2.


I was kinda looking for sth to use on the board terminal.
Though I just went with an objdump on chaintool a few hours ago :

riscv64-unknown-elf-objdump -d filename.o > disassembled.s

and it worked fine.
I also tried yours and it worked as well :pray:

I didn’t know about Ghidra and radare2 either, tnx for the help, really appreciated :pray:


我用 MilkV Duo 学习 RiscV 汇编

gcc -S -O2 tesc.s

gcc -c -O2 tesc.s

objdump -d test.o

还可以用来玩 Rust

rustc --emit llvm-ir a.rs
rustc --emit asm a.rs

highly appreciated! :pray:

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