Documentation is severly lacking

There is very little in the way of documentation on the Pioneer and by extension the Pioneer Box.

Just finding out how to get a serial console was a bit of a trial and error process, lucky it was just standard 8n1 115200 baud on the Pioneer Box front USB-C…

Also, who would’ve thought the thing boots Petitboot/Kexec style and has a full Linux based pre-boot environment via serial?

I know fancontrol can work via hwmon*/pwm but nothing premade supports any sort of fan control and instead all fans run on full blast all the time.

Unfortunately, one has to piece all that together from scratch. This is especially unfortunate considering how much of a financial investment these parts are.

Are there any plans on addressing this?

How to contribute documentation better than in a forum such as this?

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I imagine it will take a bit for everything to settle out, especially with how much the Pioneer costs. With the Duo, I got mine in August and it took until around October for more people, especially those outside of China to start buying boards and contributing to the documentation.

I’m piecing together what I figure out and writing up docs here:

I would love to see some pinout diagrams for the various headers on the board. Especially where to connect a power switch, power led, reset switch, etc.

for threading purposes, I wrote the reverse-engineered front panel pinout in another thread: Pioneer no longer booting after a couple of days of use - #5 by littlefox

I plan to make a nice typical mainboard manual style graphics for that and open a PR towards the official docs, but given my current workload and low amount of spare time, I wouldn’t be too sad if someone beats me to that ^^’

We should definitely try improving the official docs, way easier to find for newcomers and we all want RISC-V to be adopted by the masses, right? :smiley:

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Although the documentation is severely lacking, I must say, both the board manufacturing quality and the packaging are superb!