Duo 256 arrived, happy new year 2024 :-)


请测试一下我编译的内核,这个是可以用内存 240M的内核

windows 打开 tf 卡替换 内核文件,
就能从 duo 64m 的 linux镜像更新到 duo 256m

Awesome! Can’t wait to hopefully receive mine here in the states soon…



多谢指路!看介绍Duo S支持wifi,512M版应该可以Docker挂ROS2了。

nice! hope to see mine here in the states soon as well. code name: hermit crab.

plans include porting void (a very BSD like linux sans systemD).

Void is one of my favorite lightweight Linux distributions. Interested to see how it runs.

Hello, how does one build images for Duo 256M?
Oh, I see my local repo wasn’t updated. Don’t know why I didn’t noticed that, but yes, now /build_milkv.sh is renamed to /build.sh, and now it supports choosing the board you want to build for.

I’m pretty sure if you run ./build.sh lunch (it’s really lunch not launch) it will let you pick which board you want to make an image for. There is an option for the 256 duo.

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Thanks, @taspen!

It turns out that in the commit sha1:a0ad45b7e764c6a951492a1ce23219fa6a054301 support for choosing boards was introduced, and I managed to miss it all.

Thanks a lot, I wasn’t smart, you answered my question and provided help.

Now if you want to modify the image is where things get tricky. The best way I have figured is to modify the default configs that are used to build everything. To find those configs took some detective work and log reading. Maybe someone can chime in with an easier more proper way to make modifications to the buildroot image?

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Now I’m thinking we could use those templates (listed on lunch command) and create our own configurations.
Will take some time; but in my opinion, this would be so far the easiest way to customize build options and not pollute the build environment.