Duo Arduino, help installing

I’ve tried to install the SG200X 0.2.3 Arduino Core for Duo by following the Arduino getting started instructions, but this fails. Has anybody else seen this or can help?

Downloading packages
Failed to install platform: 'sophgo:SG200X:0.2.3'.
Error: 13 INTERNAL: Server responded with: 404 Not Found

Arduino IDE is version 2.3.2 on Debian GNU/Linux 12 amd64. Here is a snip of the debug output that shows the file download resulting in HTTP/404. It looks like it is trying to download from @Carbon’s repository instead of milkv-duo.

2024-03-07T19:40:58.001Z daemon INFO time="2024-03-07T19:40:58Z" level=info msg="Starting download" url="https://github.com/carbonfix/arduino/releases/download/V1.0/arduino-sophgo.zip"
2024-03-07T19:40:58.210Z discovery-log INFO start
2024-03-07T19:40:58.210Z discovery-log INFO start new deferred
2024-03-07T19:40:58.210Z root ERROR Request install failed with error: 13 INTERNAL: Server responded with: 404 Not Found Error: 13 INTERNAL: Server responded with: 404 Not Found

LMG, you didn’t follow the link?
This is because https://github.com/carbonfix/arduino/ repo doesn’t exist any more.

I used https://github.com/milkv-duo/duo-arduino/releases but the JSON links to carbonfix. Is there a different link?

The problem has been fixed, please reload https://github.com/milkv-duo/duo-arduino/releases/download/V1.0.0/package_sg200x_index.json