Duo PCB symbol and footprint for KiCad?

I’m interested in trying to make some of my own custom PCBs for the Duo with KiCad, but the files provided for the Duo are for OrCAD which is not free software and is something I’m not familiar with. Is it possible for KiCad symbols and footprints for the Duo to be provided alongside the OrCAD files? Thanks.


Good idea. I think we can just modify based on the Pico form factor. Let’s add this to the todo.

Thanks! Pogo pins for the breakout pads for USB and such would also be a good idea in my opinion.

Have you gotten around to this yet?

Since the part is not that compicated, might be easier to redraw the part in Kicad.
However conversion might be simple with small help from milkv.io
Since Orcad Library format is closed binary format, the parts have to be saved in XML-format first.
Then you might could use that project:
fjullien/orlib2ki: Orcad to KiCAD library (github.com)

Might be useful for the bunch of upcoming new chips from milkv.io :wink:

Has any progress been made getting footprints for the Duo?
Is there a mechanical drawing available of the module?