Duo S Pre-Orders

Hey folks I just thought I’d let you know that I’m still taking pre-orders for all four variants of the Duo S;

  • Base model
  • 8GB eMMC onboard
  • Wifi + BT onboard
  • Wifi + BT, 8GB eMMC and PoE HAT

The lead time is about four weeks as they are being ordered in rolling batches. You can find them and related products at Platima Tinkers Shop - Milk-V.

Note this is mainly for APAC buyers, as I bring them into Australia (tier-1 distribution) for easy local access.

Cameras, IOBs and 256M will be back in stock tomorrow when I receive the most recent delivery into the system


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I am in the USA and have had them in and out of your store cart, look at shipping, arg, but I want that ruler!!!

Hah dang yeah some of the shipping really hurts, basically anything zone 3 (US & Canada) and upwards gets a bit pricey.

The new 15cm and 30cm rulers are arriving next week! Yesterday I received two boxes of stock and ripped them open like an excited child hoping the rulers were in there haha.

Only 3 of the original V1.0 giveaway rulers left!