Ethernet Keeps disconnecting on Milk-V Duo

Hi all,

I only just brought a Milk-V Duo so I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong.

I have soldered an ethernet cable to the ethernet pins on the board, and the nic in the OS keeps on dropping. If I set a static IP on the nic and restart the networking service I can ping it on the network for a few seconds before it drops.

I’ve tried different cables and even made my own cable to make sure, two different boards and using the official Milk-V os and arch linux (IoT: Milk-V Duo (RISC-V) eSBC running Linux | XYZ dims *). Two different switches have been tested, one with poe the other without.

Below is the output of journalctl on arch.

Any advice or ideas would be much appreciated.

The pinout is not meant to use directly with a network cable. You will need to add the proper ethernet transformer circuitry.

Okay that makes sense, I was following the comments from this post.

The network cable cannot be too long. My method is no more than 10cm. The four network cables are flush and directly wound around the copper-clad board.
The other end is powered by USB, connected to a USB ()similar to the ARM Raspberry Pi box, saving a 5V power supply

另一端 USB 供电,接在类似ARM树莓派盒子的USB上,节省一个5V电源器)


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Cut the cable less than 10cm.

My setup works just fine. Never drops connections. Use magnetics and RJ45 connector.

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I used an rj45 transformer from an old laptop, connected according to the diagram from the datasheet

I had connection drops today, it was a power issue - the greedy thing had been running via 3.3V from a TTL adapter over the RX line. Once I supplied power to the breakout board, it was OK. So if you have link flapping (or cable length) issues, be sure to keep an eye out of that.
(Also if that serial stayed plugged in it didn’t properly accept power via USB again)
One thing you can do to solve multiple things at once is to run it from a PoE splitter.