Hardware clock on Mars?

Is there a hardware clock on the Mars? Using the Nov 3 Debian image on SD, whenever I boot the time is always set to 12/22/22 11:27. After setting the time, I did sudo hwclock --systohc
with no effect on next boot.

The mars does not have an real time clock. It should set via NTP when it gets a network connection.

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Why does the schematic at https://github.com/milkv-mars/mars-files/blob/main/Mars_hardware_schematics/Mars_V1.11_20230821.pdf list a HYM8563TS RTC if there is in fact not one present? Iā€™m confused by the fact that someone added the RTC to the DTS for the Mars CM, but not the Mars when the schematic lists it for the Mars, but not the Mars CM. Can someone from MilkV confirm whether or not the schematic for the Mars is correct? Why does jh7110-milkv-mars-cm.dtsi contain a node for the RTC when it is not listed on the schematic, while jh7110-milkv-mars.dtsi does not contain a node even though schematic lists an RTC?

From comparing the schematic to pictures of the board, It looks as though RTC may be supposed to be provided by a discrete module, so perhaps Milk-V simply is not yet gotten around to looking at that feature.