How to change the rndis ip address?

I think this has been asked before but I’m looking to change the rndis ip address as I need to hook up two duos (a duo of duos, lol) via usb. I changed the address in /mnt/system/ but it left me unable to connect. The computer did detect a network device but did not get and ip address via the duo. I looked around the dhcp files on the duo and found no mention of Also the network device keeps restarting. I’m guessing I need to update the ip somewhere else besides I haven’t dove into the buildroot to see if it’s there, but I’m pretty sure it should be config able on the stock image.

I found it, it’s in /etc/dnsmasq.conf I needed to change the address range to match the new ip subnet of the new address. I also tried again on a diff computer and new duo image and it worked.