Install psutil or other compiled packages with pip on the Duo

Hi all, I’ve been experimenting with installing stuff on the Duo with pip, and just for fun, I’ve attempted to get a Duino Coin miner running. Duino Coin is a cryptocurrency that was only really relevant about 2 years ago but has since died down. The miners it includes are meant to run on AVR, but the Python miner will run on just about anything that has Python.

As for requirements installation, everything is well until it gets to the point where it installs psutil and attempts to build the wheel. It appears to be trying to compile it using the RISC-V GCC that is in the host-tools folder when building the buildroot image and failing. I did install tinycc on the Duo and link it to that directory, but it was missing Python.h and failed to compile.

Will this be an ever-present issue with the Duo or can it be fixed?

EDIT: You can pre-install packages like psutil with the buildroot image by adding BR2_PACKAGE_PYTHON_PSUTIL=y to your defconfig file.

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The latest system image already includes the Python and Pip tools. You can give it a try, and if you encounter out-of-memory issues while running Pip, you can enable swap following the instructions provided in the release notes

python-psutil has been added.