Is mainline support coming any time soon?

I read that there are patches coming to support this board on mainline linux. Does this mean that we may get mainline anytime soon?

I tried copying differences between default 5.10.4 and this one to linux 5.11 to see if a slightly newer kernel works, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I was way in over my head.

I’ve gotten the Linux’s master branch to boot from the sd.

Take a look here here, note that not all drivers are available and I’m just playing with the code – no guarantees with quality :sweat_smile:

If you need v5.10.199, see here

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Should those modifications also work on linux 6.1? I got this random usb 2.0 to hdmi adapter off of Aliexpress (the ms912x) and current efforts have a driver for linux 5.15 and for 6.1 GitHub - rhgndf/ms912x: MacroSilicon USB to VGA/HDMI adapter (534d:6021) Linux DRM driver. It would be kind of interesting to have some kind of actual display out (a glitchy and slow one at that) on such a tiny device.

The problem would be backporting the parts that were mainlined to 6.1. I think it would be easier to work with 6.7 and add that driver.

hey, i was messing around with duo-buildroot-sdk today with the latest kernel from github, but i couldn’t get past kernel-dts how did you do it?

I’m using my own buildroot environment.

Take a look at the mainline-linux branch.

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thank you very much, i’ll take a look