ISO: Use Case Consult re:MilkV for NGO project

Hey all,

Absolute noob here when it comes to computer engineering, but I have a use case that I would really like some help on.

I am working on an NGO project to help close the digital divide in developing countries. The pilot project was going to use a Raspberry Pi plus ESP32s to create a sort of mesh network that people in rural villages of Cambodia can use to access elearning education materials, telehealth, and WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) information. It was inspired by a white paper by William Sachiti called “Trees of Knowledge” (

That said - about 5 minutes ago I found a video from apalrd’s adventures on Youtube ( and it was the first I learned of RISC-V computing and of Milk-V in particular.

Would anyone be open/available to dialogue with me about how we could use Milk V products instead of Raspberry Pi?

My email is and I will check back on here.

Thank you all so much and hope you have a great weekend!



Bumping this up to the top.

Anyone interested?

@TomorrowLabs I think public discussion for NGO project is better.

I think Mars can replace the Raspberry Pi in your case if you want RISC-V. The ESP32 is used for mesh network I guess. The performance and price of Mar is similar to Raspberry Pi 3B+.