M.2 WiFi cards for Mars

What’s a good WiFi card to use with the Milk-V Mars? I attempted to use an Intel 9462NGW which fits the M.2 E-key slot on the Mars board but it does not seem to be detected. It may work yet but the kernel provided on the official system image seems like it doesn’t have the driver. I’ve had no luck either using any USB WiFi dongles that have worked well with AMD64 and most all of the ARM SBCs.

Any hints on what WiFi cards I can use. I can try rebuilding the kernel to include more WiFi drivers but that seems like a lot of work.

Arace Tech list the Intel AX210 WI-FI/BT Module as part of the Milk-V accessories so it might be compatible with the Mars…?

I have tried the AX210 WI-FI/BT module but it does not work.

While booting the kernel, it reports (by “dmesg”) that the driver “iwlwifi” cannot find suitable firmware.

As the driver is compiled within the kernel (it is not a loadable module) the firmware has to be build into the kernel too. It seem, that the required firmware wasn’t included. I am using the Debian Image V1.0.6.