Maximum resolution of camera

Hello Milk-V-forums members.

Manual says

Milk-V Duo - Sensor Support - 4M@25fps

  1. Is it hardware limitation? Or software only?
  2. How can I install Sony IMX219 (Rasp.Pi Cam. Mod. 2)? It has 8 MP [3280x2464]. Or Sony IMX708 (RPi cam.mod 3) 12MP[4608х2592]. Probably it has similar pin-out.
    I don’t need 30/60 fps, only 1 frame per minute, but with max resolution.

My task is: get image, convert to jpg, put a text, and send the image to the Internet-server (I saw forum-thread about USB-WiFi and want to use it). Will it there any problem with memory limit?
I bought "Milk-V Duo " with 64 MB and wait delivery…

I am also interested in using the CSI camera with the MilkV, so just wanted to chime in as well to follow this thread. I am also interested in what software can be used in order to read the camera data using Python.