Milk-V Duo Debian/Ubuntu Image builder

If you want to use Ubuntu on your Duo, you can use my docker builder. It will make you an SD Card, and expand the partition.



Ubuntu works well. It installs ssh for you, which you can log into with Ethernet attached.
The Debian build needs a bit more work.

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If i add more packages to for install it fails as the duo-buildroot-sdk root size is fixed at “-size-in-blocks=786432” regardless of changes to or Dockerfile ?

========== EXIT CHROOT ==========
BR_DIR: /duo-buildroot-sdk/buildroot-2021.05
BR_BOARD: milkv-duo256m-lite_musl_riscv64
/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd /duo-buildroot-sdk/install
/duo-buildroot-sdk/device/milkv-duo256m-lite/genimage.cfg:34: no sub-section title/index for 'config'
INFO: cmd: "mkdir -p "/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/tmp"" (stderr):
INFO: cmd: "rm -rf "/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/tmp"/*" (stderr):
INFO: cmd: "mkdir -p "/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/tmp"" (stderr):
INFO: cmd: "cp -a "/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/fs/" "/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/tmp/root"" (stderr):
INFO: cmd: "find '/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/tmp/root' -depth -type d -printf '%P\0' | xargs -0 -I {} touch -r '/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/fs//{}' '/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/tmp/root/{}'" (stderr):
INFO: cmd: "mkdir -p "/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd"" (stderr):
INFO: vfat(boot.vfat): cmd: "dd if=/dev/zero of="/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/boot.vfat" seek=134217728 count=0 bs=1 2>/dev/null" (stderr):
INFO: vfat(boot.vfat): cmd: "mkdosfs  -n 'boot' '/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/boot.vfat'" (stderr):
mkfs.fat: Warning: lowercase labels might not work properly on some systems
INFO: vfat(boot.vfat): adding file 'fip.bin' as 'fip.bin' ...
INFO: vfat(boot.vfat): cmd: "MTOOLS_SKIP_CHECK=1 mcopy -sp -i '/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/boot.vfat' '/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/fip.bin' '::'" (stderr):
INFO: vfat(boot.vfat): adding file 'rawimages/' as 'rawimages/' ...
INFO: vfat(boot.vfat): cmd: "MTOOLS_SKIP_CHECK=1 mcopy -sp -i '/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/boot.vfat' '/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/rawimages/' '::'" (stderr):
INFO: ext4(rootfs.ext4): cmd: "genext2fs -d '/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/tmp/root' --size-in-blocks=786432 -i 16384 '/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/rootfs.ext4' " (stderr):
copying from directory /duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/tmp/root
genext2fs: couldn't allocate a block (no free space)
INFO: ext4(rootfs.ext4): cmd: "rm -f "/duo-buildroot-sdk/install/soc_cv1812cp_milkv_duo256m_sd/rootfs.ext4"" (stderr):
ERROR: ext4(rootfs.ext4): failed to generate rootfs.ext4
gnimage for milkv-duo256m-lite failed!
No image found. packages to install

apt install --no-install-recommends -y -q util-linux haveged openssh-server systemd kmod \
                                       initramfs-tools conntrack ebtables ethtool iproute2 \
                                       iptables mount socat ifupdown iputils-ping vim dhcpcd5 \
                                       neofetch sudo chrony wget net-tools joe less \
                                       libgpiod-dev libyaml-cpp-dev libbluetooth-dev gpiod \
                                       python3-full virtualenv git libssl-dev libsdl2-dev \
                                       libulfius-dev nano neofetch avahi-daemon wget zram-config

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This line in the should be increasing the partition size to 1G. Maybe it’s not working. :thinking:

#Make sure we have room to work with
sed -i '/image rootfs.ext4 {/,/}/s/size = .*/size = 1G/' device/$BOARD/genimage.cfg
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yes, tried, but no change

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I have fixed it. You can now edit the ENV file with

export ROOTFS_SIZE=“1G”

Which is the default setting.

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Thank you kindly for your time and effort fixing the issue.

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Any particular reason to use exactly these compilers?
Also wouldn’t it be more secure to setup ssh keys than to allow root login with password?

I made this image creator for my own needs. I shared it.
You can create your own custom build scripts with it. It’s very simple to add ssh keys.

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Excellent work. Question, why is docker needed?

Keeps all the dependencies locked down, and independent of whats going on with the host.
Therefore you get consistency. If it runs on my computer, it should run on yours.
Also makes it easy to automate builds on GitHub etc.

Do you plan to support Duo S?