Milk-V Duo IO board UART pinout || Duo IO 扩展版 UART 如何连接?

请问Duo的IO 扩展板上UART的四个pin都是怎么排列的, 我不知道和USB2TTL 的pin连在一起。 还有请问扩展板上UART是5v还是3v?
Does anyone know the UART pinout on the Duo IO extension board? I have a USB2TTL converter I used for raspberry pi which works fine. However I don’t know how to wire it up with Duo IO board. BTW, is the Vcc on IO board 5V? Thank you.

From the picture left to right: Ground, RX, TX, (with my volt meter I believe the last one is 3.3V)

FYI: RX, TX on the board must connect to TX, RX on USB-TTL

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Thank you very much!

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The back of the board has silk screen markings.

Hmm? Why I have no silk screen on any side?

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Dear Sir,
I bought an IO board from the Spotpear shop. My board version is “V 1.11.” The pin assign of the UART header pins is different from the silk-printed one. The GND printed pin was connected to the GND pin. The RX printed pin was connected to the 3V3_EN pin. The TX printed pin was connected to the 3V3(OUT) pin. And the 3V3 printed pin was connected to the GPIO17, UART0/1_TX, pin. Does anyone have same version board?

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My IOB from Sportpear too, but it doesn’t have any silkscreen on both side.

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I checked the connection of UART pin headers again. The printed assignment is correct. Sorry for my misunderstanding.


When did you buy your IOB ?

I bought my board from at the end of August.

I ordered it on Oct 4.

Ok strange, i bought from 4 boards only used 1 thus far - August 24, but i see they have no stock of MilkV-Duo or IOB anymore

my board has silkscreen bottom