Milk-v duo second core

Hello all,
I would like to use the second core of milk-v duo. Is there a howto or API?

The CPU manufacturer is already preparing for the related work, please stay tuned.


Thanks for feedback @Carbon .

Is multi-core support for the Duo not enabled in Linux? I assumed it worked out of the box. Personally I’d run a Python multi-threading script of some sort.

Linux runs on one core, while the other core is used to run a real-time operating system (not Linux)

If I disable the RTOS, could I utilize both cores?

No, you cannot utilize both cores even if you disable the RTOS

I hope another core can run arduino, so many libraries ready for use.

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Any updates on this? It’s unfortunate that the device is clearly advertised as a dual core risc-v but months after release it is not possible to use that second core for anything.


does the second core not have mmu? why is it not usable in linux?

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