Milk-V Jupiter and PCIe Expansion ROM

Hey I’m looking at grabbing a Jupiter to run my home server which does just basic file sharing and a couple other simple things. However, from what I can tell the Jupiter doesn’t use UEFI and I have a SAS controller that initializes with its UEFI Expansion ROM, I’m guessing there’s really no way to use it on the Jupiter?

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Probably a silly question but does this UEFI Expansion ROM (Legacy Option ROM image) contain a “RISCV32 UEFI driver” or a “RISCV64 UEFI driver” ?

That might be a safer starting point, than to find out later on that your SAS controller only supports IA32/x64/Itanium Processor Family.

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I’m sure it doesn’t have any RISC-V specific stuff, it predates any physical RISC-V hardware lol. But AFAIK UEFI Expansion ROMs are usually in EFI Bytecode no?