Milk-V swag store

Is there any official source for Milk-V t-shirts or anything like that? I would love to show support for the work being done here.

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Perhaps this: Arace Tech

Not bad, the coffee mug is a start.
I hope Milk-V harnesses the power of stickers and shirts. People love to represent brands they are proud of, and Milk-V is doing some amazing work. We need to spin up a swag dept!

I ordered the mug already but I second the shirt and stickers. Little and big stickers. Or some official logo files to make our own? I could fudge one out of the artwork but would like something official/endorsed from milk-v.


Third on this, especially on this stickers. Would totally put a Milk-V sticker on my car :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, we heard that :stuck_out_tongue:
Coming soon.