Milkv duo v1.2硬件设计问题

milkv duo v1.2板和v1.1板相比增加了spi nand区域,





你好,duo v.12 的原理图上传在 。我去更新一下网页的链接,指向到 github。

@setq 我看了下这个, duo-schematic-v1.1.pdfgithub的原理图还是1.1的,1.2为duo的数据手册。

@xiaomin 不好意思,之前漏传了,刚才添加了,你看一下 duo-schematic-v1.2.pdf

I have already created an option for SPINOR and also SPINAND. But the pads on Duo 1.2 are for SDNAND, not SPI.

Yes, I will create a board similar to the Raspberry Pi B for the duo, with SPI NOR (W25Qxx) or SPI NAND (W25N01) options onboard, as they cannot work simultaneously. And comes with usbhub, usb to serial port.

But it needs to be verified before it can be opened source.


A USB-UART bridge is a welcome addition.

The USB-UART bridge is designed to connect to the debug serial port through jumper caps, or to any serial port through a dupont cable. At the same time, a WIFI&BT module with a USB interface was added. The total BOM of the entire board core device does not exceed 20RMB, and it is expected to complete the verification and open source after the National Day.