Musebook powered by SpacemiT M1

SpacemiT M1 is a higher frequency version of K1, Octa-Core X60 64-bit RISC-V core (faster than Cortex-A55 in multi-core configuration).


  • A display that achieves perfect color accuracy, with 100% sRGB color gamut coverage.
  • The MUSE Book’s display is resistant to light and reflection, reducing glare and improving visual comfort.
  • Lightweight, weighing only 1.3 KG, and thin, with a thickness of just 17.8mm.
  • Supports Type-C PD3.0 for fast charging.
  • Features a 1080P high-definition camera, enhancing video quality and clarity, ideal for video calls and conferences.
  • Equipped with a 38Wh battery, offering up to 8+ hours of continuous usage.
  • Includes an 8-pin connector, 2.54mm pitch standard interface, supporting I2C, UART, PWM, GPIO, and JTAG functionalities, facilitating easy integration and expansion for DIY projects and developers.

Developer Header:

RV Key


  • 8+64: $299
  • 16+256: $415
  • 16+512: $549

Pre order available at Arace Tech:

Ship before 15th, July.