Newbie question: how to safely power down a duo?

Given that you can’t power down a raspberry pi by pulling the plug, what’s the equivalent power-down process for the duo?

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In most cases, if Duo is not running some programs that read and write disks, it can be powered off directly.

If you want to ensure a safe shutdown as much as possible, you can execute the poweroff command first and then cut off the power after seeing the Power down message displayed on the terminal.


Excellent ! Thank You.


But if ‘poweroff’ (‘sudo poweroff’) is not available on the particular system that you are running (it almost alway is…), you can use the ‘shutdown’ command (‘sudo shutdown -h now’) which is always installed on every Unix, BSD, and Linux system, usually as an external command. ‘poweroff’ seems to be an internal command…

All of the various forms of shutdown internally ‘sync’ the filesystems. BTW, ‘man’ is your friend. And don’t worry, almost everyone is still a newbie.

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