NixOS on Duo 256M

Hi folks,

I made a short video about how to get NixOS running on the Duo 256 here:

The PR I mention in the video to get support for the Duo 256 has been merged to the upstream repo at GitHub - NickCao/nixos-riscv so basically you check it out and do “nix build .#hydraJobs.duo-256”

I’m sure this is a FAQ, but why do we only see ~150 total ram on the board when it boots?


not sure but on the 64M duo (the only one I have so far…) the memory is shared and the amount can be adjusted like was done with some (most) of the distros like ARCH. the info is HERE somewhere, maybe try this post 【Arch Linux On Milkv-duo】Milkv-duo 运行 Arch Linux 系统 - #17 by Judehahh

PS have a duo 256 on the way, will try your nix on it for sure, when it get here that is…

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