No display after power on Pioneer Box

Just received a brand new pioneer box and found that there no output/display from HDMI/RS232 at all. Do we need to burn and install OS first?

I am not sure what is your pioneer box configuration, if it has SSD, the OS should be installed. You can always boot from SD card first. Following the guide here:

I’d love to follow that guide… but there’s very little information in there. We’ve found some MCU diagnostic output, but not a peep from the SG2042, and we’re left to guess where the serial port even is. There’s detailed information for serial hookup for other Milk-V boards, why not the Pioneer? We don’t even get information about whether the boot loaders should output anything, or whether it boots from built in ROM or SPI flash.

Update: We now have partial boot. ECC RAM was required, and LinuxBoot failed to read SDXC cards. No full OS boot yet.

Update 2: We have a full OS boot with fedora-disk-gnome-workstation_riscv64-f38-20230515-035559-25m image and a Raspberry Pi 16G SD card.

We intend to document in detail the components that worked.

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