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Hello, all!

I’ve found the buildroot sources on GitHub: GitHub - milkv-vega/vega-buildroot-sdk: Milk-V Vega Official buildroot SDK

However, within it lies an updatefiles folder, which consists mostly of executable binaries, HTML and configuration files. Unfortunately, there are no source files available for any of the binaries, hence performing a complete firmware compilation is impossible (the process becomes synonymous to repacking UI and kernel).

Is it possible to obtain sources for the binary files in question to build (and, possibly, contribute to the development) Vega firmware?

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I had been looking for the web interface sources like an idiot and didn’t see them. At last!

Can you list one of the binaries where you didn’t find a source? Maybe I had come across the sources for that.

i.e. syslogd should be possible to build using the normal buildroot for the duo, at least i think so?