OpenWRT support on Vega Switches?


I found out about the Vega yesterday.
As far as I can see there’s no documentation for the networking part of the OS so far.
But while searching I found one chinese presentation that mentions OpenWRT.

Could you comment about that?

  1. Is there a list of CLI commands? I looked through the sources but didn’t manage to identify the web interface or CLI in there.
  2. Is there, well, hope for using this with OpenWRT?

I also didn’t find anything regarding the switch chip itself, maybe it’s just available in chinese but basically google came up blank, save for references to the Vega’s release announcement.

The OAM support is a cool feature, but if i understand correctly, it happens in the hardware, so without docs it’ll be hard to get something (O)perational.
It would also really help to know more about the switch’s feature set.

Please understand me well, I’m not complaining. I have two in my shopping cart and would be happy to set up “open” switches that aren’t huge monsters like the ONIE switches often are. But it’s still money and I’d want to avoid to end up with two fancy bricks :wink:

I don’t know either but I am going to buy a Vega myself so I would also like to know, maybe this will get some traction and we will find out.

So if nothing else we can at least could then start a self-help group :wink:
Good enough for a start?

Just bought two Vega for some experimental networking. We can make a self-help group of Vega owners.

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I also have two of them.

I got one coming in the next days.

Did one of you already find CLI manuals for the default installed OS?

Found on some official RISC-V group’s meeting notes

PLCT is a research lab that seems to do a lot of RISC-V work, including trainings.
So this means:

  • it’s possible to run OpenWRT
  • for ‘person who gets a funded internship at a leading CPU research lab’ levels of possible.