PoE module for duo

Hi, I need simple PoE module for the duo. Have anyone already done that or know how to do it?
It seems that the IO module (which I don’t yet have) supports PoE by using mp8017gl IC, but the IO board and the mp8017 IC are both hard to get and I don’t really need all the additional stuff that the IO board offers.
I’m currently thinking of just using RJ45 connector with integrated magnetics and PoE support for ease of design and to minimize chances for errors since I’m a noob with electronics.
If there’s any others interested with designing an PoE module for the duo please send me a dm.

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Implementing POE on a pcb is not worth it. Too much cost. Best to do this.

I looked at designing POE onto my pcb’s it would have cost more than the above solution.