Problems running tutorials on MilkV Duo 256

It seems, the intercore communications example doesn’t work with MilkV Duo 256?
Firstly, the latest ready-made image doesn’t have sftp, so I had to use the -O key to transfer the file. Secondly, when running it, it doesn’t print out the messages – just these two lines:
C906B: cmd.param_ptr = 0x2
C906B: cmd.param_ptr = 0x3

  • and that’s all.
    Besides, the pin numbers in the blink example also don’t correspond to the published tutorial (and, which is worse, i can’t find those magic numbers from the datasheet).

IMHO, this should be somehow mentioned there…

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It turned out, the FreeRTOS core was just disabled by default for Duo256.
Now it works (kudos to rjgawuie1))

The next question is how do i pass a string from one core to another. I’ve read about shm tools, but the mailbox buffer is just 8bytes (and that’s the entire size of a pointer, so no space left for any CMD_id).

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In my attempts to get passworless ssh login, I added -v key to /etc/init.d S50dropbear, did a reboot, and couldn’t login to the system anymore.
Some time ago I played with uart0, but it seemed to be read-only? Or was it because of a bad wire?

Could anyone confirm that I should be able to connect to the system without ssh, from UART console?

okay, that was my bad - bad soldering :wink:
I successfully connected via UART, launched dropbear, connected via ssh and reverted everything back.
However, I still face problems with passwordless login… ;-(

for those facing the same problem:
chowing everything like in the comments here helped!

Yes, just generate your keys as normal and use the /root/.ssh folder to hold the authorized_keys file. (if you create a normal user on busybox, then just do the same in $HOME/.ssh) Works fine. RSA or ECSDA keys work.

Glad you got it working!