Raspberry Pi Compatibility

Hi, I’d be interested in knowing both the hardware and software compatibility between both the Mars and the Meles and the Raspberry Pi. Specifically, are the GPIO pins all in the same locations as the Raspberry Pi? If one were to install a Linux OS on one of the cores, would it be possible to use Raspberry Pi HATs as well as other Pi-targed hardware such as sensors and peripherals sold by Adafruit and Pimoroni. These companies and others typically provide Python (CPython and sometimes MicroPython or CircuitPython) support libraries for their hardware devices, so the only way to use existing Pi hardware would be 100% hardware and software compatibility.

I couldn’t find the GPIO pinout, so if you could point me at that documentation it would be appreciated.

On the Personal Robotics server on Discord I started we’re a bunch of hobby robot builders interested in the possibilities of using Milk-V SBCs, so there would be quite some interest if the Mars and Meles were hardware and software compatible. And if not 100% compatible, what would be the issues that we might need to deal with?

Also, maybe this is more a sales question but is there a release date for the Meles yet?

Thanks for any assistance/information.