RISC-V updates in Linux 6.9

Changes in Linux 6.9 :

  • Support for various vector-accelerated crypto routines
  • Hibernation is now enabled for portable kernel builds
  • mmap_rnd_bits_max is larger on systems with larger VAs
  • Support for fast GUP
  • Support for membarrier-based instruction cache synchronization
  • Support for the Andes hart-level interrupt controller and PMU
  • Some cleanups around unaligned access speed probing and Kconfig settings
  • Support for ACPI LPI and CPPC
  • Various cleanups related to barriers
  • A handful of fixes
  • Microchip
    • Missing bus clocks for the CAN controllers spotted during the creation of a driver for the controllers
    • Specific compatible for the SiFive PDMA block on PolarFire SoC.
  • SiFive – Rework the SiFive PLIC driver to prepare for MSI support
  • Sophgo
    • SG2042 – Add reset controller, reset generator support
    • CV1800B and SG2002 – MMC and SD controllers
  • StarFive
    • Added StarFive StarLink PMU (Performance Monitoring Unit) with support for monitoring L3 memory system PMU events
    • JH8100 SoC – IRQ driver, Watchdog support, StartLink PMU, (OpenCores) PWM,
    • JH7110 SoC – Add camera subsystem nodes (dphy-rx, csi2rx, camss nodes), DWMAC, PWM
    • VisionFive V1 SBC – Setup Ethernet PHY
  • Alibaba T-head
    • TH1520
      • Increase tuning loop count to 128 for SD card driver
      • Enable mmc and dma drivers; needed to boot boards like the LicheePi 4A and BeagleV-Ahead from eMMC flash
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