RJ45 Ethernet Expansion Module pin header

Hi everyone

I’ve just received my Duo 256 and RJ45 Ethernet Expansion Module. The drills for the headers at the ethernet end of the Duo are too fine for standard 2.54mm headers to fit in the holes (oddly all the others are the standard drill)

Is there a particular fine header available you’ve used that works? Have you removed the standard male header on the expansion and soldered the Duo on using the castellated edge? Or what’s the preferred connection for these?

Cheers, & thanks

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You need to force it in, chances are good that you can damage the pads, be careful.

I also dont like the fact that the drill holes are too small and have damaged a board already as i fold the headers backward, cut them with side cutter and accidentally cut the components from the ethernet breakout

You need to allow room to be able too still insert a sd/tf card


Eeek. Will do. Thanks for the tip. Might see if sanding the pins with dremel helps a little too



Small follow-up: taking the corners off the pin header pins with the dremel means I didn’t need to force it into place (so that’s a good result). Cutting the pins down as @mark.birss suggested is necessary to get the uSD card in, and even then they do get in the way a little.

Hopefully future board revisions will use the right drill for these header holes.

Cheers, Geoff