RTOS core performance (coremark)

I implemented coremark benchmark on RTOS core and there are results:

RT: [81.876846]COREMARK started
RT: [153.236030]2K performance run parameters for coremark.
RT: [153.241332]CoreMark Size    : 666
RT: [153.244914]Total ticks      : 42385576369
RT: [153.249214]Total time (secs): 60
RT: [153.252709]Iterations/Sec   : 1666
RT: [153.256382]Iterations       : 100000
RT: [153.260235]Compiler version : GCC10.2.0
RT: [153.264357]Compiler flags   : UNKNOWN
RT: [153.268299]Memory location  : STACK
RT: [153.272062]seedcrc          : 0x0000e9f5
RT: [153.276273][0]crclist       : 0x0000e714
RT: [153.280485][0]crcmatrix     : 0x00001fd7
RT: [153.284696][0]crcstate      : 0x00008e3a
RT: [153.288907][0]crcfinal      : 0x0000d340
RT: [153.293118]Correct operation validated. See README.md for run and reporting rules.
RT: [153.301093]CoreMark 1.0 :  GCC10.2.0

That means your RISC-V little core has approximately 2.36 coremarks/MHz score which is not too much impressive. For example there are a lot of general-purpose MCU which has the score more than 3.

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