[SOLVED] Does Duo have an analog read function from the GPIO?

Hello everyone,

I looking for an method to read analog data from the board GPIO’s, from the official image.
On the Duo Datasheet can we see two GPIO with 12bit resolution ADC, the GPIO26 and the GPIO27.

But the wiringX don’t have any kind of analog read functions.

Or maybe, the FreeRTOS (small core) has any function to read those data?

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Hey guys,

After some hours, i find an Sophgo/CVITEK Peripheral Driver Operation Guide that introduces the SARADC module. PeripheralDriverOperationGuide_en.pdf (sophgo.com)

After that, i made a C file an sh script to enable and read analog inputs on GPIO. They are avaliable on my Github repository: duo-examples/adc at main · pauloantuns


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