Tested third party hardware for Pioneer

We’ve had a bit of trouble getting a Pioneer V1.2 board to boot properly, so we thought we’d document at least the particular modules it worked with:

ECC RAM: Samsung M393A1K43BB1-CTD
DDR4 rank 1 Synchronous Registered (Buffered) 2667MT/s 1.2V width 72 bits (ECC)
(info probed with dmidecode on donor server)

SD Card: Raspberry Pi branded 16GB microSD
Kernel messages:
[ 5.955450] mmc1 id:0 start:0 end:255 width:255
[ 5.955460] mmc1 listsel:0 tuntap:127
[ 5.955596] mmc1: new ultra high speed DDR50 SDHC card at address 59b4
j[ 5.957094] mmcblk1: mmc1:59b4 USD 15.0 GiB
[ 5.960928] evm: Initialising EVM extended attributes:
[ 5.968894] mmcblk1: p1 p2 p3
front: 023386 2965
back: 9181aa dg 09ss2

We had several SD cards that weren’t correctly identified (reported SD032 and read all 0s), and one Raspberry Pi SD card that got stuck in readonly mode, which shows as (ro) in kernel messages.

The DIP switches did not need to be set.

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This DDR doesn’t seem to be on the support list.

SG2042 DDR Support List

Exactly. If you check that list, there’s only one module on the supported list for this board (Pioneer v1.2, Longsys RER432A032G7-WFS100), and that one doesn’t seem to be available to purchase. Thus I report the one I got working.

On the plus side, we’ve confirmed more SD cards function with newer bootloaders.