[TFcard boot fail problem resolution record] E: ra=0x3bc07366E:RESET:panic:-1. tf卡启动失败问题解决记录。

Description of the situation and what happen:
Connect the Duo with a Type-C cable using an adapter (5V) or computer USB, USB to TTL serial cable and TF/microSD card. After powering on, the Duo board prints garbled characters and displays “E: ra=0x3bc07366E:RESET:panic:-1” through the serial port on PC screen.
duo板子接5v电源或5VUSB供电、USB转串口线、TF/microSD卡。在上电后duo通过串口打印乱码和"E: ra=0x3bc07366E:RESET:panic:-1"。

How to solve:
Check the image you burned onto the TF/microSD card to ensure that the development board model matches the applicable image model.
For example, I encountered this issue when inserting a TF/microSD card containing the image for the Duos development board into a Duo development board and attempting to boot. However, the issue was resolved by subsequently replacing the TF/microSD card with the correct image for the Duo development board and successfully booting.