The M1 ARM64 Debian 11 UOS-v20 compilation toolchain is ready, folks, let's get to work!

This toolchain has been compiled/verified under the Parallels virtual machine - Debian 11.7/UOS-v20 - ARM64 version system.

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Would it be possible to make this available somewhere that doesn’t require a Baidu login, or weird workaround systems? The normal AMD64 toolchain is downloadable from a normal URL - can you do that, or perhaps Google Drive, for the ARM64 Toolchain?

Also, any chance you could share the build process for the toolchain itself, and associated GitHub/other repos? I’d like to try compiling natively on MacOS/ARM, but also like the idea of having full source available for everything - you’ve done a great job publishing the actual SDKs and buildroot source, it would be nice to have the toolchain build instructions too. I have successfully built the RiscV GNU Toolchain, but can’t get it to work w/ the duo buildroot SDK.

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This is unusable. It requires Baidu login and implies that I agree to everything they want me to agree to, no matter whether I understand Chinese and EULA/TOS in Chinese or not.

Could anyone please publish it on a more friendly website, like you normally do with the x86_64 toolchain and SDK?