[Troubleshooting] MilkV Duo Status Light Blinks But Not Showing Up in Device Manager

Hello all!

I purchased a MilkV Duo not too long ago, flashed the image with Balena Etcher, and connected the device via USB-C to my computer (it is a USB A to USB C cable, if that makes a difference). The power light comes on (red, solid) and about 10 seconds later, the status light (blue, blinking) also comes on. It seems to be working, but when I look at Device Manager on Windows 10, there is no detected devices. If I disconnect the Duo, there is no change to the detected devices.

I also tried on Ubuntu–dmesg does not show any RNDIS entries or any entries with “usb0” as the documentation points out.

Is there anything I may be doing wrong? Or is it likely a dead USB interface on the board? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

You can try replacing the USB cable to test. Some cables only have power supply functionality and lack data transmission functionality.