What other distros have you had luck with?

I’ve heard good things about using isos that were intended for the visionfive2. I’ve used visionfive’s official image for the vf2 and it’s worked out of the box. However after trying ubuntu and opensuse neither of them booted properly. I thought updating uboot & spl could help, but now opensuse won’t even show grub. Also after updating the dietpi image won’t work either. I couldn’t find any documentation that said whether or not reverting uboot & spl could work without bricking the mars.
I’ve also tried a debian and arch iso from non-official sources and neither of those worked.

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Could you try this Arch Linux Image for VisionFive 2 - Linux Distros - RVspace Forum

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mine should be here sometime this week and I plan to try everything currently available. will report back soon(-ish).

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Oh good point. I forgot to put that in my post. I’ve used your image and it’s worked, thank you.

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I head this may also be an option, however as I don’t have emmc I can’t boot this image. I’m curious what changes need to be made to an image to make it bootable from an SD card.

I ordered a eMMC module. I will try that and take a look at what is different.

I’m looking forward to getting my mars up and running as well, I’ll post updates on the successful operating system installs

mars board up and running debian.

this is posted from the mars board!

not getting a good DL on the alpine link?!? err.

I flashed the eMMC on a PC before installing. worked just fine.

I will do that with other OSes but I wonder what happens if I try to sdcard boot now that a working eMMC in in place?