Best way to communicate between Linux and Arduino program on milk-v duo?

I think the milk-v duo would be great for projects that need both a microcontroller and some kind of board to run an os, but I do not know anything about how to communicate between a sketch running on the 700mhz core and the linux running on the main core.

So far I have tried and been successful with serial, but it is somewhat slow and takes away the ability to use the console on the Linux core (to watch for boot errors, etc).

I have heard of stuff like mailboxes, but I do not know anything about how they work and if they would be better than serial.

there is an example of how to use mailboxes on the milk’s github. IMHO, the problem is the mailbox buffer is just 8 bytes (for payload + overhead stuff), so it’s okay to pass a byte or two between the cores, but you can’t pass a string or an array that easily…

Hi, the official duo-examples/mailbox-test at main · milkv-duo/duo-examples · GitHub example only uses the large core to communicate with RTOS. After using the arduino image, the small core does not run rtos, how does the big core communicate with arduino now? I want to send the data sampled in Arduino to the big core using mailbox, but I seem to be at a loss at the moment.