Introducing the Milk-V Oasis with SG2380: A Revolutionary RISC-V Desktop Experience

We are excited to unveil, in collaboration with Sophgo, the Milk-V Oasis—powered by the SG2380. This innovation marks the debut of a truly desktop-grade RISC-V PC in the convenient mini ITX form factor.

What Makes SG2380 Stand Out?

  • Integrated AI: The SG2380 is the sole RISC-V chip boasting integrated AI capabilities.
  • Superior Performance: Courtesy of the SiFive 8-core X280 combined with Sophgo’s TPU DSA design, SG2380 delivers a staggering 20 TOPS@INT8 computational prowess. This makes it apt for modern PCs, tablets, NAS devices, servers, and more.
  • Versatility: Complemented by the SiFive 16-core P670, the SG2380 becomes an avenue for boundless potential in domains like autonomous driving, cloud & edge computing, wearable tech, and beyond.
  • Memory and Computation: With a vast memory capacity (up to 64GB) and over 20 TOPS@INT8 computational strength, SG2380 effortlessly runs large-scale LLMs like LLaMA-65B, bypassing the need for multiple Nvidia or AMD accelerator cards.

Oasis Board Features:

Feature Specification
Form Factor Mini-ITX, 17cm x 17cm
CPU 16 Core SiFive P670
- 12x P core up to 2.5GHz
- 4x E core up to 1.6GHz
- support hypervisor extension, RVA22, WorldGuard, AIA
GPU Imagination AXT-16-512 GPU
- Desktop level GPU
- High efficiency-performance focus
- Vulkan 1.3, OpenGL 3.0, OpenGL ES 3.x/2.0/1.1
NPU Dedicated NPU
- 8 Core SiFive X280
- SOPHON TPU, up to 20 TOPs INT8
- Aligned with OpenXLA / IREE
RAM Up to 64GB 128bit LPDDR5 5500MT/s
Storage 1x pluggable UFS module
1x microSD card slot for OS booting and data
1x M.2 M Key for NVMe SSD(PCIe 3.0 x4)
4x SATA for HDD / SSD
USB 2x USB 3.0
2x USB 2.0
2x front panel USB 2.0
1x USB C with DP alt mode
Display 2x HDMI A 4Kp60
1x eDP with touch panel
Video in 2x MIPI CSI
Connectivity 2x 2.5G RJ45
1x M.2 E Key for WiFi 6 / BT 5
1x M.2 B Key for 4G / 5G celluar module
1x PCIe x16 Slot with PCIe Gen 3 x8 signal
Others 8x DIO
2x CAN

Availability and Pricing: The journey of the SG2380 SoC has officially begun. Expect the silicon to be at your fingertips in 9 months, and the Milk-V Oasis in just 10 months. An irresistible starting price of $120 awaits post coupon code application.

Secure Your Spot: Grab your coupon code and reserve the future of RISC-V desktops with our distributor, Arace Tech: Milk-V Oasis Pre-order.

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SG2380 product brief:

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I keep trying to pre-order but the site says it’s $.010 for a coupon but won’t let me purchase.

Quite a few people already put the order for the coupon code, maybe you should check with the Arace people. @arace-martin Please contact j2m2000 to solve the issue.

I too am having this issue, cannot buy anything from their store

I’ve had trouble purchasing a preorder as well. Tried multiple payment methods but all fail. Please help!


I am sorry for what you met. We have to fix this by increasing the coupon code to 5$.

Due to a processing issue with small credit card transactions of $0.1, we’ve increased the coupon value to $5. When you purchase the Oasis in 2024 and apply the 20% coupon, the $5 will be deducted from your total.

You can have a try and order again.

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A couple questions.

  1. a. the Product brief for the SG2380 lists pcie gen3 8x+4x… however on sophgo forums here they list using pcie gen4. it would be nice to remedy this inconsistency

  2. b. assuming it IS pcie gen4 it supports will the oasis support pcie gen4 (even if unofficially/uncertified), or will it still be limited to pcie gen3.

  3. How is the ethernet implemented? ethernet on the product brief is listed as GMAC 10/100/1000 Mbps, RGMII interface. are you using some of the pcie lanes?

  4. What wattage power supply will be necessary? not including external power for pcie peripherals.

  5. The product brief lists the USB-C being capable of power delivery, Will the oasis support this functionality and what direction is it (will we be able to boot from it or charge other devices using it)?

Here is the update from yesterday’s discussion with Sophgo:

1,2. SG2380 upgrades to PCIe Gen 4 with 20 lanes, so Oasis will also be upgraded to PCIe Gen4.(So you know the spec is not finalized yet…)

  1. The ethernet is via PCIe x1, up to 2.5G

  2. We assume 12V/4A power adapter is enough without PCIe cards

  3. USB C will only support display alt mode on the Oasis, PD in/out put will not be supported. We will use DC 12V 55*25 or standard ATX power to power the Oasis.


Are there any details on what accessories will be included? I don’t have a list of accessories that I want, but at the moment, the only thing I’m concerned about is the CPU cooling.

Will I be able to install an off the shelf Noctua CPU cooler on the board? If not, will a CPU cooling kit be included in the order?

  1. How much RAM will be included in the $120 price?
  2. Do you know the estimated cost of 64 GB model?
  3. What is the minimum order quantity for wholesale pricing?
  4. Are you planning to donate to open source projects?

Somehow I cannot buy it with my GPay.

Edit: never mind, I already paid using my credit card.

  1. The start configuration is not determined yet, I think at least 4/8GB ram.
  2. 64GB ram model price is not determined yet, but you can roughly calculate as 120$ + 64GB DDR4 ram bar price
  3. I think 100pcs is the MoQ for wholesale
  4. Yes, we will donate to open source projects of course.
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Yes, off the shelf cpu cooler is already considered in the design, since the power consumption for the cpu is not high, we will use the Intel LGA 1151/1200 type cooler dimensions.


We, at Rocky Linux are very interested in having a RISC-V port of our RHEL-compatible Enterprise Linux distribution. A few Milk-V Oasis systems would be nice for the initial porting, and later for the mass rebuilds.

Can you provide me with an email address? Someone from the Rocky Linux team will reach out to you for co-ordinating this.

Thank you in advance!

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@thefossguy Rocky Linux is definitely a big thing for the RISC-V. I will send you a PM of my email address.


Somewhat recently the SG2042 EVB board was added to EDK2, and It got me thinking, are there any plans on supporting EDK2 for these current devices. or otherwise some kind of uefi implementation.

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I’d be interested in the ACPI side of the EDK2 port :smirk_cat:

Thank you very much for developing this really cool product!

Wouldn’t it be easier to equip the board with 2 DIMM/SODIMM sockets instead of different configurations with soldered chips?

Thank you very much in advance!

That’s good news. Btw, when you refer to ‘cooler dimensions’ does that also mean the Z-height will match the LGA1200 cpu z-height?