Introducing the Milk-V Oasis with SG2380: A Revolutionary RISC-V Desktop Experience

Just a quick question on the “pre order coupon”, is that good for only one unit? Do I have to buy a coupon for every unit I intend on ordering?

Also, Q3 is coming up quick, are we still on track for Q3 delivery?


Found this on reddit, I thought that I would see it here first:
Q Is there ETA for Oasis?
A Expected to be Q4 2024


When I clicked on the link for the sg2380 chip, I noticed this image for the “Development Hardware” (at bottom of the page).

Is this a render of a server board ? Or is it how the Milk-V Oasis is currently, or was previously, expected to look ?

EDIT: Is that two UDE (Unidirectional Ethernet) ports, the far side of the 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports or are they possibly for some kind of dual/redundant remote management ports e.g a OOB(Out-of-band management)/BMC (Baseboard Management Controllers)/LOM (Lights Out Management)/ILo(Integrated Lights-Out) - so that the machine can be fully installed remotely once the management computer has a working IP address.

And is that four SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) sockets beyond that (e.g. for a 25Gbit/sec SFP28 transceiver or maybe four 6.144 Gbit/sec Common Public Radio Interface/Open Base Station Architecture Initiative SPF+ Optical Transceivers) ?


This looks a lot more like what has been shown for the Jupiter.

The PCIe slot matches but that is about it.
(ref: Milk-V Jupiter: RISC-V PC for Everyone )

EDIT: And the Jupiter looks to be a larger motherboard. In the above image the PCIe slot is in the middle for the Jupiter board it is on the left side of the board.

yeah true, it’s significantly different to any version of the Oasis we’ve been shown either.
If it is the Oasis it looks pretty good!

I wish we had some kind of update from Milk-V staff, and not second hand info from reddit :confused:

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If you look who PlatimaZero on reddit (probably @Platima) quote as their source here (@hoka). And then who is posting the images of the Jupiter board (link in my previous post above). I would say that if the information was wrong some of the other Milk-V staff would have corrected it by now. :smiley:

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Oh I’m super familiar with Platima, I’m a fellow aussie tinkerer :sweat_smile: I definitely trust them.
It’s more the fact we have to hear updates secondhand from them through reddit, not sure why that info wasnt posted in this very thread by staff.
It was supposed to be shipping Q3, so for them to know it is now shipping Q4 and not update everyone here is kinda weird is all :person_shrugging:

Yep that’s me - and I have no idea who was posting the pics! @hoka also won’t tell me yet which SOC is used :laughing:



Makes for some viral marketing within the community I guess?